Collected Works
15 Feb 2013 – 2 Nov 2014
We perceive the world in stories: we see and experience stories, we remember, dream and think in stories, the entire Western culture is based on stories. Collected Works showcases the collection of Turku Art Museum from the perspective of stories. The selection consists of approximately one hundred works, ranging from older literary favourites to personal narratives in contemporary art. The exhibition examines the way familiar stories and literary figures live in visual art, and also what new and hitherto unknown stories are told in the works of art. The show is a journey of discovery into the museum collection and the viewer’s imagination.

Collected Works approaches narrativity in art through four themes. The first one examines folk stories and biblical and mythological motifs in Western culture - how the world was created and who we are. History too is a continuum of changing and retold stories, but whose stories do we tell, and from whose perspective? The different genres of storytelling are explored through horror stories, surrealist dream images and passionate love stories. The last section takes a look at figures from fairy tales and fantasy, as well as familiar literary characters. What new adventures are the angels, devils and woodland spirits, Don Quixote, Lolita and Little Red Riding Hood up to this time?

The hanging juxtaposes 19th century art with that of the noughties, old familiar classics with recent acquisitions. The featured artists include Magnus Enckell, Robert Wilhelm Ekman, Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Juhani Harri, Hannaleena Heiska, Helena Hietanen, Alpo Jaakola, Ismo Kajander, Manno Kalliomäki, Jukka Korkeila, Harro Koskinen, Edwin Lydén, Otto Mäkilä, Viljo Mäkinen, Päiviö Pyöttiälä, Johannes Takanen, Kain Tapper, Anna Tuori and Miikka Vaskola. Stories are also explored through the collected works in a very literal sense: the thematic content of the galleries are illustrated by a selection of classic world literature available for the audience to read.
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