Elliina Peltoniemi
8 Apr – 29 May 2011

This spring, the Studio at the Turku Art Museum will mount the graduation show of Elliina Peltoniemi (b. 1978) from the Arts Academy of the Turku University of Applied Sciences. In her exhibition, Peltoniemi has immersed herself boldly in the present moment. She has spent the week preceding the exhibition in the museum, drawing personal images in charcoal on the walls of the Studio. Carbon is an essential element in the cycle of life. Through her choice of medium, Peltoniemi aligns herself with the broad range of artists who work with charcoal. Wall drawings and paintings too have a long history, which continues to develop and acquire new ways of leaving traces in the environment.

Self-reflective narrative is an essential part of Elliina Peltoniemi’s art. In her more recent work, she has used slides from her own childhood, taken by her father. As the artist makes the drawings, the old pictures become naturally a part of the story of growing up. The past, the present and the future, dreams and different levels of reality, all are spread on the walls of the Studio for all to see. According to Elliina Peltoniemi, change and grief open us to a more robust level of experience. They make us stop and pose questions to ourselves. The cycle of life can be comforting, on the one hand, but also desolate, on the other.

Drawing directly on the wall with charcoal reiterates the exhibition’s theme of relinquishment and transitoriness: the work is made, it has its time, and then it disappears. The artist too will have to relinquish her works, although their making is a big effort, both physically and mentally.

Elliina Peltoniemi Picture CV

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