23 November 2018 –

The new collection exhibition sets loose the classical four elements of earth, water, fire and air in a hanging that juxtaposes classic works from the collection with new acquisitions. The title of the exhibition Four Elements is a reference to the ancient Greek theory of the structure of the universe. The theory survived as a starting point for European scientific thinking up to the beginning of the modern age. Today the theory has been replaced by the atomic theory, yet earth, air, fire and water remain fundamental ideas in our everyday conception of the world. The opposites that attach to their qualities – hot and cold, dry and humid – correspond to our immediate, bodily experience of the world. Four Elements presents an opportunity to see how artists over the centuries have conceived of the relationship between humanity and the elements, or physical reality in general. Read further


8 February - 19 May 2019

Hannaleena Heiska (b. 1973, Oulu) often finds her inspiration from the imageries and genres of popular culture. Working serially, she investigates the potentials of science and the mysteries of life and existence. In the fantasy creatures in her pictures, the sombre darkness of heavy metal music co-exists with the romantic sentimentality of kitsch. Some of the pictures recall the nocturnal scenes of rain and fog in the movie Blade Runner. The demanding wet-on-wet technique brings a sense of softness, lightness and airiness to the works. The show consists of paintings and drawings, the earliest of which are from 2007, the most recent from 2018.



8 February - 31 March 2019

The title of the exhibition refers to a wanderer with no fixed abode, but also to the work process that is typical to photographer Anna Reivilä. Referencing the Japanese tradition of bondage, the black-and-white images are the result of weeks-long expeditions into uninhabited regions. In the exhibition, the works continue the journey that began with the artist’s shooting expeditions.



8 February - 31 March 2019

Wear You All Night (2017) is a voyeuristic and intimate depiction of contemporary urban loneliness and alienation. The actions of the woman and the man, spending a night in their separate hotel rooms, are mutually reflected without the two ever meeting each other. The melancholy gaze of the camera lingers on sensuality, luxury and the spaces of transit.

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