Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley: Burn
5 Feb – 20 Mar 2016

Burn (2002, 10 min.) by Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley tells about our relationship with the world and our capacity to come to grips with reality and with our fears. The film consists of three scenes that all take place in a burning house. Flames lick the walls and furniture in the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom in eerie silence. They also reach for the inhabitants, who are absorbed in their daily activities and seem unfazed by the imminent danger. It may be ignorance, denial or paralysis that prevents them from defying a fate that soon only a miracle can prevent from consuming them.

Unfolding with painful yet inexorable slowness, the scenario offers many interpretations of the domestic problems and apocalyptic visions. Burn forces us to ask, what is the reality we live in? Have we become prisoners of that reality? Are we putting ourselves in danger by sweeping our problems under the carpet and denying the real state of affairs?

Reynold Reynolds (b. 1966 in Central Alaska) is an American filmmaker. From 1995 onwards he collaborated closely with photographer Patrick Jolley (1964–2012) on films, videos, photographs, sculptures as well as installations. Burn was completed as the final part of their loose trilogy that is based on air, water and fire. The common thread running through Reynolds’s solo as well as collaborative works is the thematic of trauma, paranoia and suppression and his interest in representations of catastrophe presented in the media. Like Burn, his other works also contain a streak of surrealism, macabre humour and melancholy lyricism.

Reynold Reynolds talks about his work and practice on Thursday 4 February at 2 pm in Kuvateatteri, Turku Arts Academy (Linnankatu 54). The talk is in English, free admission.

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